EatCorp was born of an idea, to tap into the under utilized pool of local talent, create homegrown concepts and roll them out, initially to the GCC and globally in the longer term.

To achieve this, EatCorp has focused on putting in place the foundations for structured growth, creating a strong infrastructure and building processes to ensure each core area of the business possesses the necessary talent for future development.

The key areas for growth at present within EatCorp are:

  • Franchising – Both the franchising of owned brands and the acquisition of master franchises for the region.
  • Concept Creation – Development of unique concepts within the market, both as sole owner operations and, as part of EatCorp’s joint venture divisions.
  • FMCG – Introduction of new and unique FMCG products in all across GCC.

On a particular note, is the fact that all of EatCorp’s endeavors are at the very least, pan-gulf. In the long term, EatCorp will develop the required infrastructure and strategic network to manage global operations through the development of new and existing concepts and the acquisition of additional brands.

To that end, EatCorp continues to recruit exceptional talent in the areas of concept development, franchising, business development, finance, human resources and sales and marketing.